Sunday, April 2, 2017

49 Days to Departure

Finally, the blog is public and we are well on our way to do the second leg of our Cross Canada trip.

The 2017 trip is summarized in a short presentation (click here to view the presentation).

We are continuing our ramp up (montée en puissance) for our departure in 49 days. We have been out cycling on the mountain bikes and last week, we managed two back-to-back 50 km rides after work. Our kilometres to date outside on bikes is higher than what we had in 2015 for our first trip. We got ourselves some serious headlamps so we are not afraid to finish our ride well after sunset.

Our touring bikes are at Phat Moose, getting our new Busch and Mueller front and rear lamps installed. We still have a bit of sewing to do on our Net-Tent but we our making progress. 

This coming week, we will continue our evening rides on the mountain bikes. Next weekend, we hope to be out riding with our bikes loaded with the panniers. We have not yet completely sorted out our food stuff, so we won't be taking the trailers out until we do. 

The training routine will be out 3 times during the work week with panniers only on the bikes and on the weekend, longer rides with panniers and trailers. We are aiming for 1,000 km towing trailers before we head off towards "The Rock".

Our next update will be at 25 days prior to departure.

Hélène et Daniel

Back country skiing in Gatineau Park (near Camp Fortune), March 2017


  1. Bon Chance! We will be following you. I have passed your blog address to my cousin who lives in Corner Brook.

  2. Looking forward to your entries as I am leaving for the ROCK on June1. If tomorrow was June First I am as ready as I can get.I went over the Kananaskis in the East Kootenays last summer and got the itch to traverse Canada