Saturday, May 20, 2017

1 Day to Departure

At last the big day is tomorrow. 

We had hoped for a cool day without rain but, alas, it will be wet with the possibility of precipitation being 30% according to Environment Canada or 80% according to the Weather Network. To add insult to injury, the wind forecast is for a 22 km/h headwind.

I took an extra week off from work to attend to what I thought would be small last-minute details.

Turns out that on Tuesday evening, I discovered that we had overlooked sewing Snatch-Tabs to the under side of our tarp. Without those Snatch-Tabs, it would have been impossible to suspend our Net-Tent to the tarp. A good thing we had some slack built into the schedule.

Hélène decided to modify her newly acquired 'Handle bar bag'. See the video below. 

I was also able to visit the Mountain Equipment Cooperative (MEC) without what Hélène refers too as "Adult Supervision". I took full advantage of that and brought home items that I consider to be essential for this and follow-on trips, namely a spare rear derailleur.  While not essential for this trip, it most certainly is for the Alaskan trip and thus part of the 'Experiment'.

Today, we are going to give the bicycles a final going over, clean and lubricate the chains, verify that we have everything and that it is distributed evenly amongst the panniers. 

Finally, we will have a quiet supper at the world-famous 'Elgin Street Dinner' and make it an early night.

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