Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Day 03 - Laval to St-Sulpice

72.1 km - Total so far 270.3 km  

RDWGPS: https://ridewithgps.com/trips/14786691

We had planned a relatively easy day, as we knew, we would have a later departure from Laval. After an oatmeal and maple syrup breakfast, we loaded up the bikes, said goodbye to our new blog editor and got on the road to St-Sulpice.

Bike path in Laval

We had decided to maximize the use of bicycle paths to get us through the City of Laval and when ever possible to our final destination for the day. Most bike paths in Laval were well marked and it was relatively easy to transition from one path to another. It was fun and easy to connect to La Route Verte #1 and across La Rivière-des-Milles Iles and into Bois-des-Fillion and Terrebonne.

Terrebonne bike path
We had a nice time following the TransTerrebonne bike path. It is a combination of paved and dirt paths that cross the City of Terrebonne in all directions. We played tourist in Terrebonne and cycled through the old part of town, Ile des Moulins. Terrebonne has a very rich architectural history and is well worth a stop. I was once again reminded that because one can, one should not always do. I veered away from the regular dirt path unto a mountain bike path and took a spill. It was fun but I won't be doing it again anytime soon!

TranTerrebonne bike path. It took the path on the left.

From Terrebonne, it was onto Charlemagne, Repentigny and St-Sulpice on Route 138, Le Chemin du Roy.

Ancestral home on Le Chemin du Roy. 

Old Terrebonne

At the camp ground, we were surprised by a visit from three of our dearest friends and fellow Encadreurs, They had cold drinks and offered us their warmest wishes for a safe and successful journey.

Louis (who clearly did not read the email),
André, Jean-René, Hélène and Daniel
Chers amis, Hélène et moi avons été sincèrement touchés par votre visite. Nous vous souhaitons un bel été avec de belles sorties. On se revoit tous au Grand Tour 2017, peut-être. Soyez prudent.

We have yet to decide the destination for tomorrow but it will be near Trois-Rivieres.

BTW: It is ablast to ride on recently paved roads with the wind to your back. Makes you almost forget that 45 lbs trailer!

44.8 miles - Total so far 167.96 miles


  1. Je n'ai pas eu la chance de vous voir avant votre départ mais je vous souhaite une belle aventure remplie d’agréables surprises! Merci de confirmer que Terrebonne vaut le déplacement… c’est à mon horaire début juillet! Soyez prudents! Jocelyne

  2. All these lovely surprise visits from family, friends and fellow Encadreurs could test your plan to practice self sufficiency for the next big trip. It seems like a very nice problem to have ....