Monday, May 29, 2017

Day 09 - Baie St-Paul to Pointe au Pic

42.2 km - Total so far 672.10 km 


Today was by far the most difficult 42 km either of us had ever pedalled. I can understand why 'Le Chemin du Fleuve (Hwy 362)' is not very popular with cyclists. There is a very long and steep climb just out of Baie St-Paul and the pattern repeats itself for the next 42 km. Some climbs were so step we had to push the bikes up the hill. This happened quite often.

It was overcast and raining a bit when we left but the sun started to shine by the time we got to the village of Les Eboulements around 12:30, It took us nearly 4:30 hours to do 19 km. We did stop a few times to chat with people but still it was a pretty slow grind.

Baie St-Paul is very picturesque and a well known artist gathering spot.
Many of the Group of Seven spent their summers here.

Hélène adjusting her wardrobe after the warm-up to the first of many long steep climbs

I look a little up tight because I had to push my bike for the last bit of the hill.
Hélène 'The Machine' pedalled all the way up

We enjoyed a nice chat with 'Martin' as we were recovering
 from  this long climb. 

What goes down the hill has to come up the other side. 

The Village of Les Eboulements. Our route took us past
the church and over the hill.

Resting the forearms and steadying the nerves for
the next bit of downhill

One of the bikes having a well deserved rest

Today was a tough day. We did not make it to La Malbaie because we were exhausted and where fortunate enough to stumble on a campground. The sign said closed but the owner must have felt obliged to help out the two tired cyclists. We are glad he did.

We had to cancel the line dancing we had planned for this evening.

26.22 miles - Total so far 417.62 miles


  1. Sincere admirations of your day and route , keep going , your route will flatten out in St-Siméon

  2. Tomorrow , your route will take you to the Manoir Richelieu , the G7 site meeting of 2018 , and one of the 10 best golf course in North America . For a little R&R, thre is a tiny casino , attached to the Manoir

  3. Si vous avez monté toutes les côtes en DANSEUSES, c'est bien d'avoir annulé la DANCE EN LIGNE ,!!
    Vous aurez bientôt un répit sur le traversier, pas de côtes, seulement les vagues !,
    Bonne continuation. Nous attendons la fin du CARÊME

  4. Vraiment? Annulé la danse en ligne?
    Haha...bravo!! Je pourrais même pas faire le 10e de ce que vous faites!

  5. Vous êtes bon de faire ce périple.