Monday, May 15, 2017

6 Days to Departure

Only six days to departure. Training rides have continued but have not been as numerous as expected. The weather has just been horrible. On the trip, we will pedal rain or shine but at home, we prefer the rain-free rides.

On the 12th of May, we chose to play tourists and wandered to Gatineau, Chelsea and back to Ottawa. On the way back from lunch in Chelsea, we tackled a small climb in Gatineau Park just to warm the legs, then on to Gatineau where we had to make an about turn due to the ever-present flood waters. Back in Ottawa, we followed the Rideau Canal to Landsdowne Park(see video below). We took pictures and chatted with curious Ottawans  and tourists. We were mistaken for "Les 10 Pieds sur Terre"  a Quebec family that is travelling around the world. This goes to show you that cycling is good for you as it keeps you young looking. The Mom and Dad of '10 Pieds sur Terre are in their late 30s.

A new way to display our rides: Relive one of our training rides where we played tourists

The next five days will be pretty relaxed with not much activity. Our next update will be on the day before we leave and about the last minute scrambling. See you in six days! (20 May)

Ottawa in May - Tulips along Rideau canal, complete 
with cyclists, pedestrians and tourist boat!

Lovely flowers but we don't think they are tulips
(Helen D.?)

Landsdowne Park - Tulip festival

Map of Canada - Daniel standing at Cape Spear, Newfoundland

Map of Canada and the bikes fully loaded except for Hélène's AWOL bag. 


  1. Good to see that you are still on track for departure. The weather sure had us concerned for your plans!
    Bon Voyage,
    Rose Lynn & Bill

  2. Dan - in response to your comment about the lovely flowers, it is possible they could be tulips. There are frilled and double-frilled varieties that look "fluffy".