Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Day 11 - La Malbaie to Rivière du Loup

63.1 km - Total so far 742.8 km  


The one day of rest really paid off and we were on the road by 7:22 am. We had a nice warm up climb out of La Malbaie and followed that with a more robust climb towards St-Fidèle. We new of the climbs at St-Fidèle having been there on a past Grand Tour in 2013. With the wind to our back, finally after nine days, we felt this would be a fun and challenging ride to St-Siméon and the ferry.

A last look back at La Malbaie

Having fun getting to the top of the climb, 
nice and steady does it

We took Hélène's bike out of the support vehicle to stage this picture (Ha!Ha!)

It was a short ride to Saint-Siméon and a fun one. Yes we did have to work on those hill climbs but a good tail wind of 15 km/h actually made it very enjoyable. There is a wide shoulder as you can see in the picture above and most vehicles changed lanes to remain far away from us. Once in a while a large truck would come along side us but at relatively low speed as they to had to climb the hill.

A very confusing sign. We are have been heading EAST for the last
11 days, yet the sign says "WEST". What to do?

Very low clouds moving over the Saint Lawrence towards the Charlevoix shores

Seabirds along side 

Steaming away from Saint-Siméon towards Rivière-du-Loup

Home at Camping du Quai, Rivière-du-Loup
Forecast for tomorrow is mainly cloudy with some rain early in the morning and again late afternoon. Once again we will have the benefit of a tail wind,

39.21 miles - Total so far 461.55 miles

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  1. Hélène and Dan - Fabulous pictures today - loved the photo of the clouds on the St. Lawrence. The confusion is palpable in the Est-Ouest photo.

    You looked a wee bit tired in the photo you posted on Facebook .... or was it relief that you were underway without the need for pedal power??