Thursday, May 25, 2017

Day 05 - Trois-Rivières (Pointe-du-Lac) to Grondines-Deschampbeault

81.5 km - Total so far 444.30 km 


Breakfast for Day 2 of Experiment was very similar to what we had yesterday. It already is starting to taste much better. We managed to meet our 8 am departure even though we had to deal with a flat tire on the trailer. It is amazing how quickly you can get the job done when threatened by mosquitoes. The distance set for today was 80 km given the strength of the headwind, East 20 km/h with gusts to 30.

Dehydrated egg omelet one with ham (left) and the other bacon

Our first destination was Trois-Rivières. Trois-Rivières is mostly known for being halfway between Montreal and Quebec City and that is a shame. It has much to offer architecturally and artistically and let's not forget the car racing.  

Musée des Ursulines

A cool new building and right next to La Route Verte

Hélène's favorite kind of bridge, separated from the traffic

Part of the grounds at Our Lady of the Cape 

Rosary Bridge at Our Lady of the Cape 

We could have easily spent a few days in Trois-Rivières but we had to make progress. We knew that following Le Chemin du Roy, it would not take long before we would be stopped again to investigate something unusual. 

Want your kids to look forward to school,
build them a "School Rocket" to wait for the yellow school bus

The place were the large wooden toy soldiers retire and
finance retirement building rocking chairs. 

At times best to follow instructions and
walk your bicycle on the metal deck bridge

Le calvaire Lacoursiere. A complete list here

Chemin du Roy, Sainte-Anne-de-la-Perade

With a tail wind, this guy in a  Velomobile
was really moving.
Cyclists: Unlike facing head winds in Saskatchewan where there are huge distances between pockets of civilization, the same on le Chemin du Roy is easier to handle. You still have the relentless physical effort but every 8 to 12 km, there is an interesting place to stop, rest and get back on the bike. However, I would not bother stopping unless the village is at least 350 years old. Many places along the way for 'wild camping' and a few more campsites than listed in tourist publications. Not every owner wants to pay to list their campsite. 

Experiment: Last night, we did not eat the mashed potatoes that we added to the evening meal to make up the calories as neither of us were hungry enough. Tonight, we shared the potatoes but I did not eat the second of the meals. Just not hungry enough. I only had one bar and a small amount of trail mix left over. Hélène had eaten everything which may indicate a more accurate caloric need estimation. 

Relive: We don't know about you but we always look forward to view our Relive for the day. Tonight, there was a significant delay getting it and we (Daniel) felt somewhat anxious..😉

Tomorrow's forecast: Rain with headwinds 30 km/h gusting to 50!

50.64 miles - Total so far 276.07 miles


  1. You may not have noticed , your word use of relive , and the heading of relive , the same word , different meanings, I do however know your meaning and your anxiety . Your photos are really great , i look forward everyday to reading your story , keep em coming !

  2. Yeah, what André said about the photos and stories .... keep 'em coming.