Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Day 04 - St- Sulpice to Trois-Rivières

92.5 km - Total so far 362.8 km  


Before we comment on today, I just want to mention that one of our neighbour at the camp site, left his $100K+ recreational vehicle, to inquire about our WiFi booster antenna. 

Today was the first day of our 14 day food experiment. Breakfast consisted of re-hydrated scrambled eggs and oatmeal, washed down with instant coffee. Although all very nutritious, the texture of the eggs reminded me of 'memory foam'. We left at approximately 8:30 heading towards Trois-Rivieres. 

Our first large boat. This one was at anchor.
As intended we followed Le Chemin du Roy and we wandered from river shore, to inland, back to river shore and so on and so forth most of the day.

At times, the scenery reminded us of the Prairies

Along the route, we stumbled upon Le magasin général Lebrun, just east of Maskinongé. The place is well worth a stop. It is operated as a museum, retail store and restaurant. Look at the pictures below and see for yourself. 

Le magasin général Lebrun
Look upper right notice the Thomas Edison cylinder Sound Machines

More stuff
For the cyclists, you would be well advised to follow La Route Verte towards Trois-Rivieres. It may add a few kilometres vice staying on Hwy 138 but it is a relaxing ride. Your will travel through a number of small villages that are relatively close together and offer very good support. Most of the villages date back to 1700s' and in places, you will ride over asphalt that has to be just as old.

Riding along a small river with tree cover. and little traffic.

La Route Verte is well signed and gives you distances to the next village/town

The famous red houses of Yamachiche
Hélène at the campsite wearing the top half of her mosquitoe suit
All in all it was a very telling first day of the Experiment. We had a warm meal at the start and end of the day and snacked throughout. We arrived at the camp site hungry but not overly so. Hélène ate all of her allocated food, while I was left with one bar and a half-bag of trail mix. I need to better manage my food.

We had gleamed from the Weather Channel that we could expect a warm day with a slight tail wind. Headwind showed up instead.

57.48 miles - Total so far 225.43 miles

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  1. Hélène and Dan - sorry to learn that head winds and mosquitos are your constant companions thus far into the trip. Stay strong.