Thursday, June 1, 2017

Day 12 - Rivière-du-Loup to Rimouski

106.1 km - Total so far 848.90 km 


Last night we had a horrible thundestorm that caused us to be flooded out. The campground is built on the side of a hill and tenters like us are on the bottom flat part. All the water running off the side of the hill essentilly found its way under our tent. Click on the video and listen to what went on for a good 30 minutes. We were floating on the air mattress.

Trying to dry some of our stuff this morning.
We even had stuff in the dryer.

The bottom of our stove was inside the tent portico.
The silt mark is at 1.5 inches from the bottom

We stopped by this entranceway thinking nothing would happen.
The train came ten minutes later.
The original goal for today was St-Fabien at 70 km but given the small tailwind we decided to challenge ourselves and aim for Rimouski, 107 km away. The weather changed from cloudy to sunny to rain back to cloudy and so on and so forth for the entire distance. We had the rain coats off, then the rain coats on and off again. We finally decided to keep the rain coats come rain or shine. It was a bit warm at times but it saved us from having to stop to change wardrobe.

The terrain is so much easier to bicycle than Charlevoix.
Hélène is not wearing a rain coat for this picture!

Most of the day we biked inland in a narorw valley.
You can see the village of St-Simon in the distance

Nice long and easy downhill. You just let yourself go and are slowed
down as you start heading up the next rise. No need for your brakes.

The small island between the trees is in Le Parc Nationale du Bic.
There is a police car with radar waiting at the top of the hill.

The kid here waits for the bus in an ordinary Mercedes bus
and not a rocket

We got to Rimouski just in time.
All in all it was a very good day. We learned quite a bit about how to select your camp site to limit your chances of getting flooded. We also got to accomplish what is referred to as a 'Metric Century (100 km)'. A 'Century' on a bicycle refers to a distance of 100 miles (160 km). Maybe next time.

65.93 miles - Total so far 527.48 miles


  1. Quel horreur .... un matelas de sol flotte dans l'eau ..... vous vous en sortez super bien avec tous ces KM , malgré le camping mouillé.
    J'essai de vous lire chaque soir , merci pour ces belles description de journés.

  2. GOODNESS!! If you had wanted to float around on an air mattress you could have stayed here in Ottawa-Gatineau. I hope you were safely under cover in Rimouski and able to get everything dried.

  3. Votre terrain de camping avait l'air bien,n'eut été de cette pluie qui vous accable. En passant le vidéo ne fonctionne pas (du moins chez nous)

    1. Le vidéo est seulement du son nous étions a la noirceur dans notre tente. Daniel était caché sous la couette, il avait peur (ha! ha!)