Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Day 45 - Gander to Gambo

64.4 km - Total so far 2,991.60 km

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The plan today was to take it relatively easy and pedal to a campground in Gambo about 65 kilometres away. Things did not go smoothly as we had to return to the campground and pickup my cell phone that I had forgotten. We did a little shopping as we were not sure what would be available in Gambo.

Dominion stores are alive and well in Newfoundland but have
disappeared on the Mainland.

Not far from the end of the runway at Gander Airport, we saw a sign announcing "Silent Witness Memorial - 101st Airborne Division". Being a former paratrooper myself, I had to go see. The Silent Witness Memorial was erected to commemorate a terrible plane crash that killed 258 people, all either aircrew or members of the 101st Airborne Division, on December 11, 1985.

Silent Witness Memorial to American soldiers who died in an
airplane crash in Gander in 1985

The cross at the Silent Witness Memorial
After the stop at the Memorial, it was back on the TCH heading to Gambo. As predicted. today was a day of "Wow" scenery. We had quite a few climbs but once at the top with got tremendous views of the numerous lakes in the area. Gander Lake appeared to go on for ever.

Gander Lake

Gander Lake again

As we neared the end of Gander Lake, we caught sight of a really big hill and we could not wait to face it. As you can see in the picture below, that is one big hill. Look how small the cars appear to be. We shifted the bicycles into the "granny gear" (tiny gear at the front" and the "biggest gear" to the rear. Once we got to what we thought was the top of the climb, we saw that this baby kept on climbing. We had initially planned on taking a rest at the top but this would have to be postponed for a while longer. Those climbs are not exhausting but you do work up a good sweat. 

One big hill near the end of Gander Lake. You can see right
to the top

We thought in the picture above that the top was the top.
No it was not as we could not see the "Final Top"

A nice descent towards "Square Pond"

We stopped for lunch at the restaurant and we were told that once we reach the lookout, it is all downhill to Gambo. It took a while to reach the lookout. It is the first time we reach a lookout named after someone and there is a picture of that person. In this case, Joey R. Smallwood, the first Premier of the Province of Newfoundland and Father of Confederation. From the lookout, you can see Gambo, birth place of Mr Smallwood.

Hard to miss this lookout

The view of from Joey's Lookout. 

Another picture from the Lookout, looking down on Gambo.
Notice the wall of rain coming

The marshlands near Gambo

Tonight we are staying in a campground in Gambo and are looking forward to another good night's sleep.

40.02 miles - Total so far 1,858.89 miles


  1. We happen to know Mr Smallwood's son who passed away a couple years back, as well as his grandson Joey. They are egg farmers

  2. The photo of the marshlands near Gambo resembles some the photos of Ottawa-area farm fields after the latest round of rain. You might get back to the Ottawa area and feel like you never left Gambo.