Friday, July 14, 2017

Day 55 - Sight Seeing St. John's

Today was our last day of sight seeing in St.John's and we started it by walking down to the harbour. We saw a number of new ships since the last time we were there, namely two battleships and a really nice super yacht.

Her Majesty's Canadian Ship (HMCS) St. John's

Le Dumont D'Urville (French Navy)

Super yacht Archimedes 
Have have a look at this site Marine Traffic Global that shows all of the ships in and around Newfoundland. Click on a ship symbol to get detailed information.
Another big off shore supply ship, the Atlantic Heron

Looking out towards South Head in St. John's harbour, we spotted another iceberg. Impossible to tell how big it is. Referred to as a "growler" by the Islanders.

 A "growler" iceberg
After coffee and chocolate, we headed off to "The Rooms". We made it up one last time to King Street, to view "Jellybean Row Houses". The painter that was working there on Tuesday was still there and another just starting on a side street.

The Rooms is an archive, an art gallery and a museum that occupies four floors of a most incredible space. We spent almost three hours there and could have easily spent two days. To facilitate your visit, they give you a "10 Must see - Highlights" list". We spent quite a bit of time in the World War I exhibit, specifically the Battle of Beaumont-Hamel. This battle litterally changed the course of history for Newfoundland.  

From The Rooms looking out over St. John's harbour

The incredible space that is The Rooms

The blue house on the corner was recently purchased as a
summer home by an Newfoundlander returning home

This row of well kept homes dates back to 1892. Notice how steep
the road to the right is

This has to be the longest pedestrian cross-walk we have
ever seen. 
On one of our tours, the guide posed the following question: "In paradise, how can you tell who the Newfoundlanders are? Answer: "They are the ones who want to go home!" After almost three weeks in Newfoundland, we can relate to that desire that they have to go home. We want to come back as well!

Tomorrow we fly back to Ottawa.

This is the last of our daily blog updates. In two weeks (or so) look for another blog entry that will address "Lessons Learned from the trip". We enjoyed sharing our trip with all of you and very much appreciated your comments and other such feedbacks.

See you in two weeks

Hélène et Daniel


  1. Bravo !! J'imagine une caravane HD pour transporter tout le matériel à l'aéroport,,,
    Avec tous les clous et toutes les vis récoltées dans les Schwalbe, vous pourrez assembler une passerelle pour la prochaine expédition.

  2. That is one very nice superyatch...everybody should have one

  3. Question for the intrepid cyclists: Which do you prefer - assembling the bikes at the airport sans maintenance stand or disassembling the bikes to be packed for the trip home?

    I'm sure your loyal readers could come up with a list of suggested blog topics so that we don't have do without our fix of Hélène's and Dan's commentary and photos. :)

  4. Thanks for sharing your website, it's wonderful and has made my airport time much more enjoyable;) so great to meet both of you this weekend !

    1. Hi Jennifer, glad to hear our blog took care of your airport time :) I will remember our role playing at ACA for some time, it was great meeting you as well. Good luck with your future travels.