Monday, July 10, 2017

Day 51 - Brigus to Mount Pearl

70.50 km - Total so far 3,354.80 km


I don't know if you picked up from reading yesterday's blog that we really liked Brigus. Upon leaving the campground, we spent another 45 minutes touring Brigus and snapping pictures. Once on the road, our destination was Mount Pearl.

John's house (campground owner) and small bridge over the brook

Post office and community hall. Note the white picket fences

A good portion of Brigus is built on hillsides, more white picket fences 

The hill goes up quite a ways. Again white picket fences

St George's Heritage Church (big white building with black
and reddish roof)

We once again we followed the Old Conception Bay Highway, so we rode through one small community after the other. The highway runs from Cupids all the way to St. John's along Conception Bay.

In Conception Harbour, we spotted a number of boats at the wharf. There Helene started a chat with an older gentleman who was working on an old building. He identified himself as the owner and a resident of Philadelphia who was up here on holidays with his son from California. His father is a Newfoundlander and he inherited the property. There is a long standing relationship between Newfoundland and the United States and this is evidenced by the number of US flags we have seen flying during our ride through the island.

Three sizes of fishing boats in Conception Harbour. The two
 smaller boats are made of wood

Conception Bay as seen from Avondale

Conception Bay as seen from Harbour Main

A big tractor with not two but three tandem wheel axles 

No nice brook picture today so North Arm River picture in lieu

Conception Bay as seen from Holyrood

 Monument of Honour, Conception Bay South

Bell Island as seen from Topsail
Once again, we made use of a multiuse trail to get around a built up area (city). As we neared Mount Pearl, we got on the Newfoundland T'Railway Provincial Park. We discovered from talking to that cyclist from Belgium that near St, John's the trail was covered in stone dust and usable by bicycles. We had observed the trail before but then, it was only suitable for 4x4 all terrain vehicles. The trail got us quickly to our motel in Mount Pearl.

Newfoundland T'Railway Provincial Park, Mount Pearl

It was a nice ride today along the Old Conception Bay Highway. It took us through many small towns and we learned quite a bit about Newfoundland history. Now we are in a suburb of St. John's and getting around on loaded touring bikes will not be nearly as relaxing. We will make use of the T'Railway Park whenever possible.

43.81 miles - Total so far 2,084.57 miles


  1. Hélène and Daniel - as soon as you mentioned the long standing relationship between Newfoundland and the United States my thoughts turned to rum running. Check out this link to the Punters' song 'Prohibition Way' ( Yep, they're from Newfoundland.

  2. Hélène and Daniel - if you're in a suburb of St. John's then you're getting close to the end of this year's trip. Are you pedalling slower and slower, trying to prolong the adventure?

    1. We have less than 12 kms to the Terry Fox monument, I'm sure we can stretch in a three hour affair.