Thursday, July 6, 2017

Day 47 - Charlottetown, Terra Nova to North West Brook (TCH/204)

78.50 km - Total so far 3,129.20 km


There are few campgrounds in the area we are in and the one campground was way to close to Charlottetown. We looked at motels located down the road but both had no vacancy. We used Google map to find a gas station located near a tourist information office near a place called Goobies (79 kilometres away). It was gonna be 'wild-camping' at the Irving gas station. 

Hélène will go to any height to get the picture

Close Sound, south of Charlottetown, Terra Nova
We had lots of climbs today, starting with leaving the parking lot where we spent the night. We had been warned about the big hill in Terra Nova Park, but still have not been able to decide which one it was. We will be studying our Ride with GPS data and try to answer that question. 
The mandatory river picture. This is the Northwest River near the Twin
River Golf Course on the southern edge of Terra Nova Park

Looking back towards Clarenville and the Northwest Arm

With all those hills, Hélène was looking to trade her bicycle for
a RAM 5.7 litre big truck. Unfortunately, it does not come with a small ladder
With all the talk we heard about the huge hills, you would think that someone would have mentioned the hill coming out of Clarenville. That bloody hill went on for almost seven kilometres before we finally started descending on the other side. Not a steep hill but a very long one!

At least there was scenery to look at on the ascent from Clarenville.

Sailboat in the Northwest Arm, heading towards Lady Cove and possibly the ocean
We rotate the lead on the ride every four kilometres and when it is hot like it was today, we stop every three rotations for water and a snack. After Clarenville, we stopped next to a large pond where we spotted a white bird dive bombing to fish. Hélène was determined to get a picture of this bird in flight. What was originally a five minute stop became a much longer event. It became a game between Hélène and the bird. Every time Hélène thought she had a shot, the bird would turn towards her and reduce its cross section. It reminded me of a similar game played with a cormorant in Sydney harbour, Cape Breton.

We think this fella could be a 'Yellow-legged Gull' 

Hélène spotted a Newfoundland licence plate and the intent was to keep it as a replacement for the  Alberta plate we had found and then lost somewhere in Northern Ontario. The plate is attached to a 1/4 inch metal plate, weighs a ton, and would have taken a while to separate the licence plate from the metal plate. 

We will have to make due with a picture of the plate. Hélène's
bicycle having a break.

 After a challenging day of cycling with unfavourable head winds, we were looking to a night of wild camping in the grass next to the Irving gas station / Tourist Information Office. As we rode by, we stumbled onto accommodations that did not show up on Google. We will be roughing it tonight in an 'efficiency unit. 

48.78 miles - Total so far 1,944.39 miles

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  1. Hélène and Daniel - I can see it now. Google will soon be contacting you and begging you to do more bike trips so as to add to their available data and ensure that no one ever again writes the dreaded words " did not show up on Google"!!

    I for one, wait with bated breath to learn how you decide which hill was the "big hill in Terra Nova Park".

    A question for Hélène - Were you able to see the interior of those trucks without standing on your tiptoes? I would be one of the people who needed a ladder option if we were to buy such a truck.