Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Day 52 - Mount Pearl (Sight seeing around St. John's)

0.00 km - Total so far 3,354.80 km

We had looked forward to cycling to Cape Spear but I was not comfortable going there on our bikes. Yesterday, we had two incidents when drivers told us to "Get off the &*%$# road" and this was on roads where the posted speed limits were 40 kph on one road and 50 kph on the other. It is a narrow road with no shoulder to speak of going to Cape Spear. With Cape Spear being a major tourist attraction, I would expect there be quite a bit of traffic and not all of it made up of relaxed drivers thrilled at the sight of two heavily loaded touring cyclists sharing the road with them. 

This is definitely not the outcome we had envisioned since leaving Port-aux-Basques more than two weeks ago.

Today we took a day off from cycling and played tourists in St. John's. After a nice lunch of moose burgers at the Shamrock City Pub, we got on the Legends Tour mini-bus for an afternoon of sight seeing. 

First stop on our tour Cape Spear

Picture of a flower taken at Cape Spear

The well rested cyclists masquerading as tourists

The quint village of Quidi Vidi 

St. John's North and the harbour taken from Signal Hill

Yours truly on the deck of the Cabot Tower, Signal Hill

Two people walking on the trail at Signal Hill and a white thing
in the left corner

Cabot Tower as seen from St. John's Harbour
After the mini-bus tour we wandered off on our own first along the waterfront. There are many large ships and lots of information panels that cover different aspects of the life and times of the City of St. John's. We then went back to look at the Jellybean Row Houses. At the Tourist Information we were directed to three streets but once you start, you find out that there are more than three streets with those homes. With each new house you must find a more interesting and colourful one. 
The Maerske Cutter. Off shore resupply ship that doubles as an
 iceberg tug as required

Jellybean Row Houses on King Street

More Jellybean Row Houses on Prescott Street

Even more Jellybean Row Houses

Holloway Street is so steep that there are steps and handrails on the side walk 

Prospect Street note how much higher the left side of the street is.
You must need your arm and leg to open the driver side door on the lower side of the street.

We had loads of fun walking around the neighbourhood very near St. John's harbour. Tomorrow we will pedal to the Terry Fox Monument and bring to a close our "Eastward to "The Rock" bicycle trip. Unlike Victoria, there is no "Mile Zero" marker in St. John's but we felt that the Monument that marks Terry Fox's Mile Zero would be a most appropriate place to stop.

0.0 miles - Total so far 2,084.57 miles


  1. Bravo et félicitations pour cette aventure par pluie, vent et côtes en quantité!!!
    Plus difficile que votre voyage de Vancouver à Ottawa???

    Pauline Pigeon

    1. En effet le voyage a été plus difficile quand 2015, on est très satisfait de notre aventure.

  2. Une belle Aventure se termine, en attente de la prochaine !!
    Aurons-nous un membre de l'équipe au GT 2017 ?

    1. André, Daniel y pense encore moi je serais au travail.


  3. Vous nous avez rappeler notre belle visite sur ces terres. Merci