Friday, July 7, 2017

Day 48 - North West Brook (TCH/204) to Bellevue Beach

61.80 km - Total so far 3,191.00 km


As we headed off to Belleview Beach, our destination for the day, we made a point to stop at the place we had planned to "wild camp". As you can see in the picture, it was pretty wild and was overseen by a huge cement moose. The place would have been perfect. It had a tourist information building (closed for the season, a large flag pole and an expensive looking rock sculpture and yes lots of grass. Maybe on our next visit to Newfoundland we can stay there!

Hélène standing next to "Alphonse the moose"

I would have gone with a three rock arrangement to make it
look "lighter". Four rocks just look so heavy

This is for our friends that work or have retired from Hydro Quebec
We were casually pedaling along doing the uphill and then downhill thing, when all of a sudden all hell broke loose. I heard a loud and unpleasant metallic sound and suddenly my bike skidded to a stop. All I could think was I broke my rear derailleur as it go stuck in my wheel spoke (I have experienced one of those). What I found is what is pictured below. Good thing I was holding on to my handle bars and not just resting my hands on them. There were no injuries suffered.

My rear fender got severely bent at the front. Being made of plastic,
 I later just popped it back into shape.

The reflective triangle normally is located well below the spare tire

The cause of the problem, top middle, a deck screw sticking out the side of my new and bloody expensive rear tire

A more dramatic view of the result

Check that skid mark, almost 15 feet long and I kept the bicycle
upright and under control

Looks a lot like the puncture Hélène experienced near Cochrane, Alberta in 2015

We wanted to know if we simply put a tire patch to plug the two holes and re-use the tire. Pulling the deck screw out would have made the side wall hole much bigger, so I unscrewed it instead. 

I used a tire patch to plug the holes, put in a new tube and installed the wheel and we were back on the road heading to Arnold's Cove. We decided to stop in Arnold's Cove because it is close to the Trans Canada Highway and we had viewed their website and videos that discussed "Resettlement". Resettlement was a provincial / federal program that involved moving people and their homes from isolated communities to so called growth areas/centres. Under the program, 620 people (130 families) were moved from islands in Placentia Bay to Arnold's Cove.

Two Resettlement homes that would have been floated to Arnold's
Cove.The homes are easy to spot as they look alike
There is a designated heritage house "The Drake House" that was constructed in Haystack, Placentia Bay in 1890. When Haystack was resettled in the 1960s, Frank Drake (occupant of the house) refused to move and remained in Haystack for another 12 years. Frank was the only person in Haystack for those 12 years. The house was eventually floated to Arnold's Cove and set onto its present site. The house interior as remained pretty much the same as when it was first occupied. 

The Drake Heritage House

You are first taken aback by the floor covering but it grows on you

Resettlement map 

The wharf in Arnold's Cove

The scenery has significantly changed as we near the Avalon Peninsula. There are more mountains, steeper and longer climbs and a lot less trees. The trees that we see appear to be a lot smaller. There is also a lot more traffic than before.

There has to be a challenging bicycle climb somewhere in
that picture

Newfoundland's Provincial flower the Purple pitcher plant 
We finally made it to our destination for the day, Belleview Beach Campground. It was a pretty rustic campground without many of the features we normally expect and have found in most commercial campgrounds we have stayed in. There was indeed a beautiful view, but with overcast skies, it was difficult to see and capture in pictures.

There was also a bit of wind yesterday, both Edwin and Crosswind.

The view onto Tickle Bay at Belleview Beach Campground

38.40 miles - Total so far 1,982.79 miles

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  1. Another tire misadventure?!?? Have you checked your tire rims for magnets?? I'm glad no one was injured in that mishap. Nothing like getting heart palpatations four days after you reported the incident.

    A tourist-information building closed for the season??? Je suis confused about that one.