Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Day 46 - Gambo to Charlottetown, Terra Nova, NL

59.10 km - Total so far 3,050.70 km


We set up camp last night under a bit of rain and we had to improvise shelter for cooking and eating. With the help of bungee cords and a silicon nylon tarp, we put together the shelter below. 

Improvise, adapt and overcome.

As I was packing the tent and shelter, Hélène biked to see the waterfall that was pictured on the park's website and that she could hear all night. She came back with tales of a lot more. She had pictures of waterfalls and of salmon going through the fish ladder. We have seen quite a few fish ladder in our travels but this was a first.

Fishermen deciding where the best spot is for salmon

The two dark shapes on the light coloured square are salmons
making their way up the fish ladder

The David Smallwood Park is a provincial park and as such does not have the types of services found in a private campground. What it does have are very good rates, a walking trail and if you are a fisherman, a salmon river.

Gambo has its own heavy metal band "The Wood-cutters"

A small military detachment (from L to R) a soldier with a rifle and
scope, a gun with a detachment member and finally, up a little
higher, an artillery forward observer with his binoculars

From Gambo looking out over Freshwater Bay
After our quick ride through Gambo, we were off onto the Trans Canada Highway towards Terra Nova Park. On our ride through Gambo, there was a sign at the Home Hardware that displayed the temperature: 9 degrees Celsius. Under overcast skies, it was pretty chilly.

The sun eventually came out but it did not get that much warmer as the forecasted maximum for today was 14 degrees Celsius. That temperature makes it pretty uncomfortable, as you sweat a lot going up hill and it gets pretty chilly as you gain speed descending on the other side.  

At the restaurant yesterday, we were told how nice the road was through Terra Nova Park since it is a federal park. In the picture below, I am on the shoulder of the road. As we entered the park, there was a sign warning all road users that there was construction for the next 40 km and to be careful.

The shoulder is incredibly wide at Terra Nova Park.
Often when we had to go uphill, we found that the shoulder had been removed completely and we had to ride on the road. In the picture below, you can see the white line as found on the side of all road indicating were the shoulder begins. My bicycle is where the shoulder would normally be. Other road users generally gave us a wide berth and we felt pretty safe.  

Almost 6 inches gap between surface of road and the missing
shoulder to our right as we ride on the road.

The mandatory Newfoundland River picture. 

Terra Nova Park from a cyclist's perspective

We had another good day in Newfoundland with plenty of scenery. We decided to treat ourselves tonight and checked into a motel with a pool and hot tub, in Charlottetown, Terra Nova. The hot tub was nice but I think they were skating on the pool surface last week. It was brutally cold in the "heated pool". 

36.72 miles - Total so far 1,895.61 miles

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  1. Hélène and Daniel - Those were some great photos for July 5. I really liked the statues.

    Only you two could find a way to do a "Polar Bear Dip" in July. The weather and temperature seemed to feature prominently in this post. Therefore, here's a link to a song and video about Newfoundland weather as a reminder that it could always be worse. :)