Saturday, June 3, 2017

Day 14 - Amqui to Tide Head (near Campbellton, NB)

93.6 km - Total so far 1,049.2 km


We got up early, did a bit of maintenance on the bicycles including a bit of a clean up and still managed to leave by 7:20. We left early because we aimed to reach Campbellton, N.B. more than 100 kilometers away.

As we near the end of the Experiment, Hélène can now lift both trailers.

Nice mural on the side of the local cinema in Amqui

Today's ride was mostly along the Matapedia River, a well known salmon river. We did not think there would be much to see except for trees (lots of those), much running water and the odd person standing waist deep in the water with the fly fishing rod. We saw at least a dozen of those people.

Pine trees waiting to be processed into lumber. Given the current conditions, this may take a while.

The view on the route, asphalt, water and trees.

This pedestrian bridge in Causapscal could use a face lift.

More Matapedia River scenery

In lieu of scenery, the happy travellers

Au Revoir la Belle Province

The Restigouche River. Québec on the left, New Brunswick on the right, split roughly down the middle

Reminded once more how unpleasant it is to be stopped on a small
bridge used by big trucks

Hello New Brunswick

I forgot to tell you how much fun we had today under mostly cloudy skies. You certainly have noticed on Relive that the ride was mostly downhill for the better part of 60 kilometers. It started raining pretty hard after we took the Hello New Brunswick picture. That seems to be our faith daily. It starts to rain hard when we are within 20 or so kilometers of our destination. We stopped in Tide Head, just short of Campbellton, cold and wet but happy with our day's progress.
Week 2 Summary: 

  • Reached the 1,000 km pedaled
  • Bye bye Quebec
  • Hello New Brunswick
  • New time zone
  • Video done

58.16 miles - Total so far 651.94 miles


  1. Ste-Luce est juste a coté de Ste-Flavie d'où vient Audrey. Quel beau souvenir de voir la rivière Matapédia !

  2. Superbe vidéo! Vous êtes très bon pour ce genre de truc! J'adore aussi votr photo de la rivière Restigouche... ca fera une belle peinture! Continuer de vous amuser tout en pédalant!

  3. You're nearing the end of "The Experiment"? What is the first thing you plan to eat once "The Experiment" is concluded? I can imagine how good the cans of Stella Artois and the bags of Hawkins Cheezies and Ruffles All Dressed will taste after doing without.

  4. WOW! Cela semble si facile et plaisant. Il ne vous reste que 4 provinces!