Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Day 39 - Stephenville to Corner Brook

84.0 km - Total so far 2,519.70 km  


We had a good night sleep boondocking just off the golf course in Stephenville. We were far enough away that we were not bothered by the sprinklers. We decided not to make breakfast but to swing by McDonald's, have breakfast and take advantage of the facilities.

We left Stephenville along Route 460 that took us to the Trans Canada Highway (TCH). Route 460 is a quiet country road that took us through a valley of wetlands and on which, we got to see our first live moose on the island. Once we hit the TCH, there was not nearly as much scenery as yesterday so we just got into pedaling towards Corner Brook.

The wetlands off Route 460. It is a small valley with mountains on
either sides.

Hélène had the camera out but it took for ever to focus. You can see
the back end of the moose (in line with the truck)

The first road sign listing "St John's"

We spotted another cyclist stopped by the side of the road, looking at the back of his bike. I went across the road to see if everything was okay. The cyclist was Belgian and I tried having a chat with him in French but he informed me that he did not understand my French. We tried English. I found out he just had his bike repaired in Corner Brook and that he was on his way to Niagara Falls. Once I got back to my side of the road, Hélène commented that he did not have a whole lot of equipment with him for someone who is crossing Newfoundland. 

At kilometre 720 (from St-John's),  there is a really nice lake 

What a great place to put an add for MacDonald's next to a
magnificent lake
On the road, we were honked and waved at by a couple of ladies from Québec who we keep running into since we first saw them in Sydney North, Cape Breton. Also at lunch, we ran into another cyclist that we first encountered on Day 11 and again on Day 36.

Parts of the City of Corner Brook with the Bays of Island in the back

Corner Brook has a population of around 20,000 and from our taxi driver, we learned it is hell to drive in in the winter. The whole place appears to be built on the side of hills and mountains. British captain James Cook was the first to survey and record the geography of the Bay of Islands.

52.20 miles - Total so far 1,565.67 miles

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  1. Hélène and Daniel - There was a chuckle when I read about being "far enough away that (you) were not bothered by the sprinklers." I started reviewing the other hazards you two have faced in your travels: black bears; black flies; coyotes; double-wide loads on the road; cyclist-devouring canines; grizzlies; mosquitos; rock falls -- and now sprinklers.