Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Day 25 - Charlottetown to Rollo Bay (near Souris)

87.5 km - Total so far 1,820.40 km


Often islanders have asked us if we have ridden the "Confederation Trail" and our response so far had been 'No'. The Confederation Trail is a bicycle trail that crisscrosses PEI and uses the disaffected railway network as its basis. We used part of it this morning to get us quickly from the motel to downtown Charlottetown and across the river to Stratford. We did not consider using the trail extensively but we saw it as very useful way to get around Charlottetown, get respite from a strong headwind, or as a shortcut to avoid a hill climb.

Hard pack red PEI dirt. This section of the trail parallel's University Avenue with PEI University to the West and Agriculture Canada experimental Farm to the East.

A sculpture on the bike trail made up of tools and other large
metal bits. Probably why I did not find many tools on this trip.

Got my first flat going uphill near Mount Hebert. Did my thing checked for the possible cause of the flat but did not find anything. Got my second flat on a stretch of the Confederation Trail we had taken to get away from the brutal headwinds. Today was another of those "We never have that much wind in the summer, only in the winter" day's. It was only four days ago when we had such a day!!!!!! We were able to handle the crosswinds better this time, as they came from the West. They pushed you into the shoulder/ditch and not the middle of the road. At Mount Stewart, I did a much better job inspecting my tire and discovered that the tire was torn away from the bead and that was the cause of the flats. Replaced the tire and end of flats. Hélène had gone ahead to scout out a place to eat an we stopped in Mount Stewart for cheeseburgers, coffee and cinnamon rolls.

Did not know at the time but this was the first of two flats.

A nasty tear on very expensive tire

We got back on Hwy 2 heading for the St-Peters campground our intended stop for the night. This is a municipal campground with lots of facilities. We did not find anyone at the office and went looking for someone. We ran into a rather unhelpful gentleman who told us the campground did not open until 15 Jun 2017. When asked what else was available for accommodations in the area, he offered no response.  Today is the 14th of June, how annoying.  In similar circumstances, others on this trip, have opened their campground ahead of time.

Another section of the Confederation Trail. We took this three
kilometer shortcut to avoid a big climb out of St-Peters
on our way to Rollo Bay.
We did not find this part of PEI nearly as picturesque as what we saw either in the West or Northern parts of the island. Very few campgrounds or cottage rentals. Seems that this area is more about the tourist traffic getting to the ferry to and from the Iles-de-la-Madeleine, sailing from Souris.

The one good thing we picked up today, The beer on the left was
favoured by Hélène whereas I thought the one on the right
was more to my liking

With no campgrounds in the immediate area of St-Peters, we pedaled another 24 kilometer and settled in an overpriced motel in Rollo Bay. We could have made it to Souris but accommodations are even more expensive there. Believe it or not, we got a better deal in Charlottetown.

We where asked if there were any bears in PEI. Here is the official PEI government response in respect to animals: animals of PEI include coyotes, foxes, skunks and raccoons. There are no bear or moose on PEI. 

We have seen a few foxes and they range in looks from absolutely gorgeous (seen at Yogi Bear campground), too the usual red coloured one we are all familiar with to a very scrawny one next to our motel last night. A Charlottetown taxi driver told us there used to be a thriving fox farming industry but when the bottom fell out and the demand disappeared, the farm owners just opened the cages, releasing the farmed foxes into the wild.

54.37 miles - Total so far 1,131.41 miles


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