Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Day 24 - Charlottetown - Bike Rest Day

RWGPS: None for today
Relive: None for today

Today was an off the bike day. We slept in late and had our complimentary continental breakfast in a dinning room without mosquitoes. We took advantage of public transit and got on the #3 bus to the Charlottetown Mall and transferred onto the #1 and headed right for downtown. Walking tours are colour coded and painted on the sidewalk making them easy to follow.

Everything needed to maximize your walking tour of Charlottetown

Brick row housing on Great George Street North of Sydney Street

Clapboard sided homes on Great George Street South of Sydney Street

Hélène making the scene and hanging with the two John Hamilton Greys'
 We augmented the walking tour with an hour long bus tour with the HippotaBus. The tour guide had a very good sense of humour and easily communicated information that is not usually available in tourist brochures. The tour took us to the first round-about in PEI. The residents of Charlottetown were given an opportunity to practice using one in a round-about that was built in a shopping mall parking lot. Nonetheless, on the official coming into service of the roundabout, curious residents showed up with lawn-chairs to witness the event.

There are many foxes in Charlottetown.
 Also in the picture the HippotaBus and  the Chip Shack 

A very nice apartment complex (Dundas Esplanade circa 1890),
 in search of new tenants. Very tempting

Hélène having a chat with John A, MacDonald himself. It is a very
eerie experience as when siting down it feels as if John A. is looking
right through you.

Beaconsfield House (circa 1877) built for James Peakes Jr
What we found most interesting about the Beaconsfield is the quality of the interior craftsmanship and how its has endured over all these years. From what we were told, very little was been done to restore the interior of the building other than update the gas-lighting to electric,install fire protection, replace the wall paper and do running maintenance. The original inside work was done by local craftsmen and it is magnificent. Portions of the wrap around deck have been rebuilt and readily stand out against the original work. Well worth a visit but do it well before closing time at 3:45 pm so you are not rushed.

At the fire hall, we were surprised to find this restored 1929 American LaFrance fire truck. Charlottetown is getting another antique fire truck.
After stopping for coffee and chocolate covered potato chips from Cow's we got back on public transit, taking the milk run home. We got to see a lot more of Charlottetown for only $2.25 each.  

We really enjoyed our tour of Charlottetown and got to discover some facts previously unknown about Canada's Confederation. We could tell you but it might be best if you came down and found out for yourselves. 


  1. OMG - chocolate-covered potato chips??!!!!! They can be ordered on-line??!!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Looks like Helene is yearning for other male company. Either that, or she wants someone who will listen, for a change :-)