Monday, June 5, 2017

Day 16 - Pointe-verte to Grande Anse

80.50 km - Total so far 1,221.80 km


It was a cold night in Pointe-Verte and we had to sleep with our wool underwear, socks and those with less than a full head of hair, a tuque. We left the campground under cloudy conditions with a view to pedal to Bathurst and then decide on our destination for the day. We had discussed leaving out the Acadian Coast if the weather did not improve and pedal directly to Miramichi.

By the time we reached Bathurst, the weather was now partially cloudy with the sun making a serious effort to make its presence known. We decided to chance it and head to Grande-Anse. Glad we did.

The sun shined brightly for the entire afternoon without a cloud in the sky. The head winds came right off the bay and it was pretty chilly. The ride was well worth it as we were treated to stunning scenery. We could clearly see to Gaspésie and could easily spot the villages along the Quebec coast. The water in the bay changed from blue to a deep steel blue colour by the time we reached Grande Anse. We tried to take pictures but they fall well short of capturing the spectacular scenery. 


Along the route some homes paint the power posts in front of their house,
 in Nigadoo all of the posts are painted in the colours of l'Acadie.

Our first trip to the grocery store for food.

The view for most of the way once we headed East from Bathurst

We are up a little higher now and the cliffs have appeared.

Grande Anse, door to the Acadian Peninsula

The cliffs down the road from our campsite, note the colour of the water

No Stella but never the less cold 

For this first post Experiment day, we fared well. We had to stop to eat as well as purchase food and this took up much time. It is so much easier when you have two warm meals a day and snacks in between. We will be getting back to snacking between meals shortly. We made solid progress in spite of the headwinds we experienced this afternoon. We are glad all that previous headwind training we got in Quebec paid off. 

We have to quickly get back the tide is rising (photo taken below our campsite)

50.02 miles - Total so far 759.19 miles

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