Friday, June 30, 2017

Day 41 - Deer Lake to Sheppardville

99.00 km - Total so far 2,678.90 km


The Fab Four: France, Daniel, Hélène and Felix at the campground
 in Deer Lake
Mother Nature was kind to us this morning in that there was no spectacular scenery to stare at. This enabled us to focus our gaze on the side (shoulder) of the road and find treasures, and a treasure we did find. I spotted the multi-tool in the image below and this is the best find of the trip so far. At approximately 31.87 kilometres, the scenery improved significantly.  

Multi-tool found on the Trans Canada Highway

Outbound Multi-tool showing attachments

Sandy Lake in the distance (kilometre 31.87)
This part of Newfoundland should be called "The Lake District" as there is one lake after the other very near the Trans Canada Highway. In order, we came across Sandy Lake, Birchy Lake and Sheffield Lake.
Follow the ridge from the left. An unusual rock sitting atop
the mountain. It looked like a human brain (to us)

Just trees and bugs we were told! Birchy Lake and mountains
that are getting bigger
On the stretch of road pictured above, the sun was out, we had the wind in the face and believe it or not, it rained pretty hard for about 3 kilometres. There is rarely a dull moment here in Newfoundland.

The road shoulder can be soft at times and a challenge to cyclists.
The tool is 3 1/2 inches long

Those of you that have looked at our proposed route in Newfoundland, the route included a stop at Gros Morne Park. After meeting with and talking to locals and other visitors to Newfoundland, we determined that a return trip to Newfoundland is necessary. Instead of a side trip off the Trans Canada Highway (TCH) we will visit places that are on our route and close to the TCH, in the area around Conception Bay. Our next trip to the Rock will be in our VW Bus and will include North and Western Newfoundland.

61.52 miles - Total so far 1,665.15 miles

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  1. The multi-tool aficionado of our household was quite impressed by your find.