Thursday, June 22, 2017

Day 33 - St. Peter's to Sydney Forks

73.40 km - Total so far 2,218.80 km


Today's destination, Garden Court Cabins in Sydney Forks, 73 kilometers away. It was a difficult start as we had to deal with about 5 kilometers of road construction. We did the uphill climbs slowly but the descents were even slower as we were in gravel. It will be pretty nice to ride that section by end of summer. We took Route #4 because a good portion of the route is on Bras d'Or lake. 

Very easy to find your way in Cape Breton as most signs are bilingual

Look at the view from this old house

This selfie includes our two bikes, seen over my right shoulder

Look at that view of Bras d'Or Lake

There is no free ride in Cape Breton, you want spectacular views, you have to pay the price
This is where you pay for the view, going up on of these hills
 (seen on the right in the picture before)

It was a very nice ride. Sure we had to work making our way uphill but we got to just coast down on the other side. On the flat, with the wind to our back, we often reached over 30 kph. 

A view of Bras d'Or Lake and a nice garden of lupines by
the side of the road.
On the way, we had to pass Big Pond the birth place of Rita MacNeil. I knew that she had operated a tea room and that we absolutely had to stop. The parking lot was empty and we almost had the place to ourselves. There is no doubt you are in Rita's Tea Room. The walls are covered with Rita memorabilia ranging from all kinds of music awards and a picture of her receiving the Order of Canada. It is very tastefully done and as you sit there, you can feel her presence. Only after enjoying a lovely meal, did we learn that "... Rita herself rests peacefully in the room, atop the mantle in her teapot. As was her wish following cremation, to be placed in a tea pot or two if required!" This place is a must stop!!!!!!! 

It is a good thing that we got to the Tea Room today. The tourist season starts tomorrow and there is a full bus load of tourists that have reserved for lunch. We would have had to wait and we are on a tight schedule. 

As we left the Tea Room we turned right (towards Sydney) and just rolled downhill for a good two kilometers. How great is that!

Enjoying desert at Rita's Tea Room. Hélène enjoyed a Chocolate Mousse
and I a delicious lemon meringue pie 
If you look closely at my hair in the picture above, you will see what appears to be ridges in my hair. My new bike helmet gives me this fancy hairdo each and every day. 

Rita's Tea Room

These RV owners wanted water front and that is exactly what
they got. A forceful breeze will bring the waves right to their living
room and interrupt their watching Netflix

Our home for tonight, the little cottage on the right.
We are spending the night in a small cottage close to Gillis Lake. Our cottage is located closer to the lake than all of the others and we feel as if we are alone by the lakefront. We had ten ducks come up the lawn right close too our place. We have decided to spend a rest day in Sydney tomorrow and visit some of the places that were closed when we were last here with Vélo Quebec in 2012. We will take the ferry to Newfoundland late on Saturday evening.

45.61 miles - Total so far 1,378.70 miles

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