Thursday, June 29, 2017

Day 40 - Corner Brook to Deer Lake

61.10 km - Total so far 2,580.80 km 


We stayed in a commercial area of Corner Brook last evening and we did not get to see much. First thing this morning, we headed downhill towards the downtown. We saw some nice neighborhoods with very well kept homes. At City Hall, there was an impressive little cenotaph and we absolutely had to stop. From across the street, a kind lady offered to take our picture.

Statue of an Afghanistan veteran (on the left) and a Bren Gunner
from the  First World War. The statues commemorate the sacrifices made by Western Newfoundland soldiers
We left town pedaling along the waterfront on Riverside drive. Nice and flat and no hills! 

Bay of Islands, from the wharf in Corner Brook

The "Newfie Bullet
On advice from a resident walking along Riverside Drive, we stopped for breakfast where else but at "Breakfast Mountain". The name comes from people stopping for a rest and breakfast before heading up the Humber River. If you look at the picture below, in the middle you can see what appears to be the picture of an old man etched into the mountain.

Old Man in the Mountain

Breakfast at Breakfast Mountain. The start of the Humber Valley can
be seen behind me.

The Humber Valley. Cliffs on either side of the road and spectacular scenery
We had a terrific ride through the Humber Valley. Nice rolling terrain and a few hills made it possible to make time to take pictures and to relax and enjoy ourselves. It was also an opportunity to stop and chat with Brian, a cyclist from Niagara Falls, who we had seen a few times before and waved at. This time we took the time for a chat. Brian will be seeing a lot more of Canada this year than what we have planned. We wish him safe travels.

The best roadside find on this trip. This safety flag will be recycled
into flags for our bicycles for our next trip.

Deer Lake seen from the Trans Canada Highway

Deer Lake as seen from our campground

Hydroelectric station in Deer Lake built in 1922. It put Deer Lake
 on the map
Today we stopped for lunch at Pizza Delight and took advantage of the all you can eat buffet. We don't think they made money with us this time. There we were approached by a lady customer who so kindly offered us a place to stay for the night.With thanks we declined her offer as we had a campsite lined up. She came back later and told us that she had contacted her husband and he was prepared to pick us up in his truck. She gave us her name and phone number and told us that if we had any issues on the remainder of our trip to contact her for help. I would think that is without a doubt a manifestation of Newfoundland hospitality. At her request, we will not list her by name. Once again thank you so very much!

We had another chance encounter at the campground. Helene and I belong to the Biking Across Canada Facebook group. On that group, Helene became friends with Felix, from Germany who was also travelling to Newfoundland about the same time as us. Who did we run into at the campground but Felix.

Helene with Felix at the campground
All in all we had another great day in Newfoundland. Made new friends, met new friends and enjoy Newfoundland hospitality at its best. What else could we ask for!
37.97 miles - Total so far 1,603.63 miles

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  1. I agree with you Daniel & Hélène; their hospitality is well renound for.