Monday, June 26, 2017

Day 37 - Doyles to Robinsons

69.90 km - Total so far 2,370.70 km


Today was one of those days when the distance to be covered was dictated by accommodations. The campground at Barachois Provincial Park was deemed to be too far for us, so we looked for other places to stop. We found a motel near Robinsons. 
Want to advertise your septic tank business, paint faces on them

Once we left the Codroy Valley, the views were not as spectacular but we did find some unusual things by the side of the road. Once in a while, we stopped for pictures of rivers as they are much easier to frame in a picture than a valley.

Hélène is handy at many things but throwing is not one of them.
She was aiming for the ditch with that banana peel

Another hill climb. The climbs are not steep but they are long

One of the many trout fishing rivers we came across while on the Trans Canada Highway. 
In many of our pictures, you can see the Trans Canada Highway, You can see a smooth surfaced road with wide shoulders, making it easy for all types of traffic to move on. We were somewhat surprised when we came across a sign announcing "Rough road for 10 kilometres". Boy they were not kidding. The surface of the road was so damaged, that at times, it was easier for us to ride on the worn rumble strip on the shoulder. It was a good thing that there was no scenery to look for those 10 kilometres as your focus was on avoiding the holes in the asphalt. 

The "Long Range Mountains" in the background

Another trout fishing Newfoundland River. 

The two of us in a small dory with our bicycles
We are spending the night at the Mid-Way Motel (it is midway between Port-aux-Basques and Corner Brook). 

43.43 miles - Total so far 1,473.08 miles

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  1. LOVE the dory picture!! How long did it take to strip off the paniers off the bikes for the photo and then put them back on?