Saturday, June 10, 2017

Day 21 - Shediac to Borden-Carleton (PEI)

83.7 km - Total so far 1,609.40 km


After yesterday's thunder, rain and wind storms, what a glorious day we had. With the wind to our back, we covered the 65 kilometer to Cape Jourimain with relative ease. We rode on mostly quiet roads and on occasion, Hwy 15 with it's wide shoulder.  

Back to our preferred snacks, peanut butter and jam on tortillas.

We noticed this rather large nail against Hélène's tire,
thus avoiding another early morning flat repair.

In Cap-Pelé there is the roadway, the shoulder (where Hélène is) and further to the right the bike path! 

The real eco-mower. It keeps the lawn short and fertilized
at the same time.

Our first glimpse of PEI, from near Murray Beach on the 955

Your neighbour has a large boat in his dooryard, well get two
 and throw in a small one as well

Fellow cyclists, on a tandem, going to St-John's, London and finally Istanbul

Not our first sighting of the bridge, but the first where we could
see enough to photograph.

From NB road 955, you turn East onto NB road 16. We pedaled for about 500 meter before the bridge came into view and we got to appreciate just how intimidating this thing is. For almost 2.5 kilometer, we got to stare at how steep the rise of the road is to meet the bridge deck. With the strong crosswind, it would have been crazy to even attempt to go up the ramp, let alone try to pedal across. We finally made it to the off ramp that took us to the bridge shuttle departure point.

Stopping short of the off ramp waiting for Hélène to catch up after
stopping for a picture. Just look at that intimidating ramp to the bridge.

Conferation Bridge, 12.9 kilometer of curved concrete, metal and asphalt

From the time we got to the shuttle departure point, we waited about 45 minutes. At this time, they are not really geared up for bicycles, so the driver had to go pick up the trailer to haul the bikes. The whole process was pretty quick and we took advantage of the time to take many pictures of the bridge. There is a fee but you pay only on the way off the island.

The tandem of the other cyclists being loaded for the bridge crossing.
Our bikes are already on and our luggage is in the back of the truck

On the bridge, the second of two bumps up before we get to PEI.

Yogi Bear, the campground mascot. Boo-Boo Bear is no where to be seen.

The camp shuttle complete with bubble generating machine.
There was a weight limit for passengers 

We took an 'official vehicle only' road into PEI, so we never got to see the usual 'Welcome to the Province' sign. We will have to take the picture on the way out as we did for Quebec

The weather for the next few days calls for sun and clouds.

We are well settled at our campsite. With Yogi around, we just have to make sure we don't leave a picnic basket out.

52.01 miles - Total so far 1,000.03 miles


  1. Le pony dans la cour me rappelle celui que nous avions quand j'étais jeune.lui aussi broutait l'herbe.🙄

  2. Wow, that's quite the incline to get onto the bridge deck!

  3. I love the way you use the map to show the road and distance travelled. Love the photos too. Thanks for taking us along. Claire