Thursday, June 15, 2017

Day 26 - Rollo Bay (PEI) to Cap-aux-Meules (QC)

16.0 km - Total so far 1,836.40 km (The links below include the ferry sail)

Relive:  No relive Hélène's GPS stayed on the bike and lost connection.

We took our time leaving Rollo Bay this morning as our intermediate destination was Souris, a mere 6.5 kilometer away and mostly down hill.

Once in Souris, we did a little reconnaissance (recce for short) to the site of the ferry that is taking us to Les Iles de la Madeleine. We decided that since the islands are so easily accessible from here, it would be crazy not to go. So here we are on a five hour sail to Cap-aux-Meules.

The ferry did not leave until 14:30 so we had a chance to visit Souris, do a little grocery shopping, have a large bowl of fish chowder at the Evergreen Cafe and Wellness Centre. The chowder was very good. 

Incredibly small and cute Anglican church in Souris, PEI

We understand that these birds do nothing but eat, poop and wait
for the ferry each and everyday

The MM Madeleine in a high speed turn just before docking
As we left the cafe, a couple was heading in and I immediately recognized the gentleman. Him and I had worked in the same organization when I was still in uniform but darn if I could remember his name. Turns out that Robert and Daphne are here on a short vacation. We quickly mentioned to them that they had to do the walking tour we did in Charlottetown and take the tourist bus. I hope they do as it is well worth it. Funny that I finally should run into someone I know from Ottawa. It is usually Helene who keeps running into people from St-Isidore, ON. We have not encountered anyone from St-Isidore yet, but the trip is not over.

The wharf in Souris, the boats are docked now but we saw them
come in and unload their catch

If you look at the left side of the picture, you can see the road
(nice downhill run) onto the bridge and then into Souris.

A last look back as we steam away from PEI and head into our
short vacation from the vacation

We just want to let you know that we eagerly read all of your comments. Just as some of you can't wait for your last blog update in the morning, we have the same reaction to your comments. 

Just as we did on our 2015 trip, we might have to ask you to find us a new tire. We need a Schwable Marathon Plus tire in 26 inch diameter and a width of 1.75 to 2.00 inches. I replaced my back tire with a spare from home, but the darn thing has a very aggressive pattern and it sounds like I have a winter tire. This to be found tire is desirable but not essential. 

At Cap aux  Meules 7:38pm (5 hours after leaving Souris)

The bike path to our campground at Parc du Gros Cap

9.94 miles - Total so far 1,141.08 miles


  1. Hélène and Daniel - Sorry to hear about the tire issue. I could find two bike stores as well as sporting goods stores there in Cap-aux-Meules. The following three stores have been alerted to your need via e-mail.

    Boutique Véli-Vélo
    365, chemin Principal, Cap-aux-Meules, QC G4T 1E3
    Phone: (418) 986-2003

    Le Pédalier
    545 Chemin Principal, Cap-aux-Meules
    (418) 986-2965

    405 Chemin Principal, Cap-aux-Meules, QC G4T 1E3
    (418) 986-4425

  2. Vous faites bien de prendre le temps d'un petit détour pour les Îles. Très belles photos.

  3. Exactly! I knew there were a few sporting stores in Cap aux Meules. Plusieurs touristes font le tour des îles de cette façon. Bonne chance! Vous aimerez les îles

  4. Hélène and Daniel - It's great that you're taking advantage of the opportunity to check out the islands. However, you're off your planned course. There was a bit of muttering under my breath when I tried to predict your next stop so as to contact bike stores in the destination area. If you're unsuccessful in Cap-aux-Meules, message me a destination and I'll try to assist.

  5. Helen - thank you very much for your research efforts. We stopped at Boutique Véli-Vélo and at Le Pedalier but they do not carry what we are looking for. Tomorrow we will try Intersport.

    Sorry to have caused muttering

    Daniel et Helene

  6. Hélène and Daniel - It's not your fault that I mutter .... :)

    I would be happy to check for other stores along your route.