Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Day 17 - Grande Anse to Tabusiniac

84.80 km - Total so far 1,306.60 km

RWGPS: https://ridewithgps.com/trips/15104220
Relive: https://www.relive.cc/view/g12109137196

Let me start off by offering advice. If you want to leave your campsite early after your overnight stay do not pick a campground located at the edge of a cliff that overlooks a bay where fishermen are hauling in lobster traps and where seabirds are your close neighboors.

Taking picures and recording videos disrupted our normal routine of breakfast, packing the tent and loading the bicycles.

The temperature went down to 5 degrees last night but we were kept toasty warm wearing merino wool and bundled under our home sewn quilt.

Fishermen gathering their lobster traps. This boat in registered
in Moncton, NB

Hélène preparing our first post Experiment breakfast of oatmeal. 
No more dehydrated eggs for the rest of the trip.

A few of the neighbours walking about

A fishing boat welcoming folks to Grande Anse

This proud Acadian felt that simply having a flag was not enough

We pedaled inland today so that we could stop in Paquetville Village, home of Edith Butler. On Hwy 11, Hélène and I noticed a moose warning sign and recounted how we had never seen a live one go by. At that moment, a young moose crossed the road very nonchalently. Unfortunately, we were not able to draw out our cameras in time. You will have to take our word for it!

A road sign in Paquetville Village, we will take the route to St-Isidore
We stopped for a snack at La Rotisserie in Paquetville Village. The restaurant had a large picture of Edith Butler hanging in the dining room.  We were also going to swing by Rosaireville (hometown of Lisa Leblanc) but opted not to. On a Google picture search of Rosaireville, all I could find was a small green sign "Rosaireville". Our recent experience with those green signs is that there are but a few houses to be found there, therefore not worth the detour.

What is a burning issue in some parts of the coutry does not
appear to be so here in New Brunswick

Unusual looking bird houses for sale.
 I can't spot a cat birdhouse can you?

The wharf in Tracadie - Sheila

One really big Blue Heron, I think.

We are well settled in a very nice campground in Tabusiniac. It is well off the road but most definately worth a stop. We got to visit with neighbours who travel in a VW Rialta camper (bigger than our Westfalia). We are now getting ready to have supper in the community building away from the mosquitoes.

We we asked what food we craved for as the Experiment concluded. It was salad. You have no idea how tasty that salad was after 12 days of re-hydrated food. We had salad again tonight for supper and I can say for sure that it will be on the menu until the end of the trip. The Cheezies were good with a beer but they did not fill the spot like the salad did!

52.69 miles - Total so far 811.88 miles

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  1. After reading about your rediscovered fondness for salad I went back to your photo of the first groceries. There it was, the Dole salad kit near the Hawkins Cheezies!