Monday, June 19, 2017

Day 30 - Cardigan (PEI) to New Glasgow (NS)

65.0 km - Total so far 1,952.80 km 

RWGPS  (Includes the ferry sail)
Relive: (Includes the ferry sail)

We had to pedal when going down the descents you see on Relive

We spent last night in a provincial park because there was no where else to stay. We find that provincial park services are too spread out and are not very convenient for someone that lacks motorized transportation. To make supper, we had to pack everything and pedal 700 meter to reach a building where we could get a break from the mosquitoes. We asked for a spot closer to services but where told those sites were reserved for RVs. In a private campground, as long as you pay, you get the campsite you ask for.

One of the few things worth photographing on Hwy 4 en-route
 to the ferry
Edwin (headwinds) did not want us to leave PEI and got in our way right up to the ferry dock. 

It's not the Rockies but as we reported before PEI is not flat

We got to the ferry with 10 minutes to spare. We actually did not realize this until a guy on his sit-down lawnmower honk to get our attention and flashed two hands showing all ten fingers. We quickly pedaled to the toll booth and raced to the ferry. Not long after we got on board, the ferry left the dock. Since we got there late, we got to park with the big trucks and campers.

Freshly cut pine smells really nice. 

Goodbye Prince Edward Island

Hello Nova Scotia
Once on the mainland, we got to meet Nova Scotia Edwin (cousin of the other). With winds of 20 to 40 km/h and a humidex of 35, we had fun getting to New Glasgow. Today was the first day of this trip where heat was an issue. We will make sure we stay hydrated and keep the salts up by having chips and Cheezies at the end of the day. 

Tire: We phoned Highland Bike Shop in Antigonish and spoke to a clerk. He mentioned that Mat might be more up to date on tires in stock but he was not there. We are stopping there tomorrow.

Dynamos: We have not been able to generate the consistent road speed needed to maximize the power output of our dynamos. We have been able to recharge cell phones enough to be able to use them and also half of the small storage battery I use. We still rely on outside power to recharge our batteries and/or electronic devices. Maybe once we get a consistent tail wind we can provide a more conclusive answer. 

40.39 miles - Total so far 1,213.41 miles

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