Sunday, June 25, 2017

Day 36 - North Sydney (NS) to Doyles (NL)

41.10 km - Total so far 2,300.80 km 


We pedaled our bikes to the ferry at about 10:30pm. This ferry is the biggest one we have taken so far. Unlike other other ferries, we boarded  near the end behind a lot of the big trucks and campers. Once we had 'dumped' the bikes, we made our way to Deck 9 and our reserved seats.

On Deck 9, we met Adnan, a young businessman from Toronto who was taking advantage of business meetings to visit Gros Morne National Park. We trust that he will have a great time. We then tried too and finally went to sleep during the 8 hour crossing. We slept as best we could and got up at 6 a.m. to have breakfast.

Hélène getting ready to hit Newfoundland cycling 

MV Highlanders was named to recognise the service of Highland
Regiments in Nova Scotia and Cape Breton

Yesterday we mentioned that part of the plan was to surprise the Tourist Information in Port-aux-Basques. We were the one's that were surprised. This has to be the best prepared tourist information that we have ever seen in our travels across Canada. They had answers to all of our questions, they had hand drawn maps and the mileage they quoted turned out to be bang on. We were told groceries were 6 kilometers away from our intended campground. Turned out to be bang on. The weather was horrible when we got to Port-aux-Basques. We were told don't worry, it will be sunny by the time we got 15 kilometres away. Again they were right. would never think so given the fog and rain.

About 15 kilometres from Port-aux-Basques, full sun and a bit of snow

Warning of high winds. We wondered what locals consider 'high winds to be"

Not what we normally see when shown pictures of Newfoundland. Absolutely stunning scenery

The Codroy Valley. Picture taken on our way back from grocery shopping 
Once at the campground, we had to go grocery shopping. We had been told that Gillis Brothers Auto Parts and Grocery Store was 6 kilometres away form our campground and it was. What we were not told is how scenic the Codroy Valley was. That made our 15 kilometres shopping trip so much more enjoyable. The Relive below gives you an idea of what we cycled for groceries and a few beers.

We had a nice stay at the campground and got to run into another cyclist that Hélène first met in Rivière-du-Loup. She had come to Newfounland a day before us and experienced the major rainstorm that Environment Canada had forecasted and that caused us to purposely delay our coming to Newfoundland by one day. 

25.54 miles - Total so far 1,429.65 miles

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