Saturday, June 24, 2017

Day 35 - Sydney to North Sydney

24.6 km - Total so far 2,259.70 km 


This morning we had a late departure as we waited for the rain to stop/slow down for a while. We had but a short ride of 20 kilometres to North Sidney, to the ferry terminal.

Hélène crossing a narrow Bailey Bridge with a wooden deck as it is too
slippery to ride.

If you are going to build a base to put an artillery piece on it make
sure it is really big
 As we neared North Sidney, we came across Munro Park and Helene signaled to stop after she spotted a small plane atop a poll. Turns out the airplane was quarter size replica of a Canso PBY-5A airplane. We had seen a CBC news segment on this type of airplane about a week ago. An interesting coincidence I thought. It gets better.

This morning I was reading the "What happened this day (24 June) in history" in the local newspaper. There was a story about Flight Lieutenant David Hornell who was awarded a Victoria Cross for sinking a submarine on 24 June 1944. Coming across the same information at Munro Park on 24 June 2017 was an even more interesting coincidence. We thought this would be a short and boring ride.

The write-up on Flight Lieutenant David Hornell at Munro Park

A painting depicting the action on 24 June 1944, you an see the right
engine on fire

Quarter size replica of a Canso PBY-5A airplane

This motley crew was found in a parking lot on the edge of downtown
North Sidney. We think the bird in white has identity issues.
With not much to do until the ferry loads at 9:30 pm, we decided to spend time exploring the tiny downtown. We went into the North Sydney Heritage Museum. This little museum is a jewel. We found out loads about some famous North Sydney residents, such as Flora MacDonald, and Annette Verschuren (former president of Home Depot Canada and Asia) just to name a few. We learned about transatlantic telegraph cables, bootlegging in the 1920s', merchant navy convoys in WW II, etc. This place is full of interesting information about North Sydney as well as Sydney. Well worth a visit and too boot, it is free.   

Map showing name and location where Allied ships were sunk
near Canada. Also shows the German submarines that were sunk by the Allies

Not as nice as the fire truck in Charlottetown but a bit older (1918)
After our museum visit, we pedaled to McDonald's to have coffee and see another part of town. We ran into a gentleman from Philadelphia who was touring Cape Breton on a motorcycle. He mentioned that we were very fortunate to be able to tour on bicycle as a couple as this is not seen often. We could not agree more.

Daniel and the bicycles checking in at the Marine Atlantic Ferry Terminal
Our wheels to Newfoundland
Tonight we sail to Newfoundland leaving North Sydney at 11:45 pm. We have reserved seats and hope to be able to get a reasonable amount of sleep. When we get off the ferry in the morning, the plan is to take the Tourist Information by surprise and then pedal 40 kilometres to the campsiste.

Week 5 is now over, below is a weekly video.

15.29 miles - Total so far 1,404.11 miles

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