Sunday, June 18, 2017

Day 29 - Cap-aux-Meules to Cardigan (PEI)

51.4 km - Total so far 1,887.80 km

RWGPS (note we only pedaled 51.4 the rest is the ferry)
Relive (it goes black for a while because of being in the gulf)

We were a little concerned about going to bed last night with the howling winds and rain. Turns out we worried for nothing. Our tent held up very well and kept the wind and rain out. We were kept warm with our merino wool and quilts. Helene and I both fell asleep listening to CFIM radio. Helene discovered that some of our tenting neighbours did not fair as well as we did and packed up their tent and sleep in the common shelter.

We got an early rise this morning so that we could be at the ferry site for 7 am.

We promised you pictures of where the bicycle trail had collapsed and they are below. You will note that it is a hole and you can see grass all around. These holes are quite common along the coasts and are well marked. Good idea not to wander off trail if you are not a local.

You can see where the waves came in and gradually caused the hole

Serious work will be required to fix the bike trail

It was pretty busy at the ferry site (6.5 km away from our campground) at 6:30 am. Cars and big trucks were already lined up to be loaded. We lined up behind the motorcycles and walked our bicycles on board. We had breakfast on the ship.

With its nose up is our ferry and to the right is the cruise ship
that sails from Montreal. Both are owned by CTMA

We saw this sign on Hwy 2. We are not sure how useful it
is to a tourist

We had a lot of these from Souris to Cardigan. With a headwind
 (we named him Edwin) they can be challenging
Today was all about covering as much ground as we could after getting off the ferry and not much else. It was tough after sitting on the ferry for five hours and those headwinds. We should be somewhere in Nova Scotia tomorrow.

Here is Week 4 summary video.

31.94 miles - Total so far 1,173.02 miles


  1. Cardigan, PEI - it appears that the weather is warmer there than where you woke up this morning.

  2. Est-ce que la production électrique de vos vélos comble tous vos besoins ?
    Bonne continuation en Velo...les scooters et les autos sont pour les vacanciers.

  3. Hélène and Daniel - as you can tell from comments posted yesterday, I read your blog shortly before going to sleep. At 03h45 my hindbrain woke me up, chanting "Headwind, Edwin, Headwind, Edwin, Headwind, Edwin, Headwind, Edwin ... Oh! I get it, that's FUNNY!!" All of this was in 'the voice' used by Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias. ( The husband described this as a pun-ic attack.....

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    Highland Bike Shop
    254 Main St, Antigonish, NS B2G 2L3
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