Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Day 32 - Antigonish to St. Peter's

121.9 km - Total so far 2,145.40 km 


We had an early start this morning as we planned to pedal 100 + km to the other side of St-Peter's on Cape Breton Island. Once again, the winds were to our advantage and often we were able to reach 30+ km/h on the flats. After many many days of Edwin, you can't possibly imagine how much fun that was.

It was so much fun that we made a wrong turn and got to visit a lot more of Pomquet than we had originally planned. We realized somewhat quickly our mistake and were able to get back on track (It looks really good on Relive). The scenery was mesmerizing which did not help. As usual we had a a good laugh, turned around and pedaled into the wind back to where we made the mistake. 

Hélène using every pot and pan we have on our Trangia alcohol
single burner stove (Supper last night)

The contents of the pots, on the top "rice, cheddar and broccoli Sidedish"
and a broccoli slaw in the bottom pot. Served with cooked chicken
strips made for a tasty and filling meal

You know you might have made a mistake when you hit a
T-junction with a graveled road and the road you are on has lots of
weeds growing in the cracks in the asphalt

Here is proof that we are not the only people doing this.
Peter is travelling from St-John's, Nfld home to Vancouver
(this makes him a Westie)

How awesome is this. Just past Pomquet, a small and from
what we observed a very proud Acadian village

We have seen a lot of these big flower bushes but this is the
first time the view  is not obstructed by something

These have to be the wildest blueberries we have ever seen

Our first glimpse of Cape Breton Island 
There was construction at the Canso Causeway heading from the mainland to Cape Breton Island, so we had to squeeze in among the traffic to get across on the bridge. We got in ahead of large 18 wheeler truck as they are much more considerate to us than people in cars or pick-up trucks. The truck drove slowly behind us and as soon as we could, we got onto the shoulder to let it by.

It was not our first time on the island, but our first time in Port-Hawkesbury. We stopped for pizza and discussed how we would get to St-Peter's, our destination for the day. We decided that we would take the shortest route, Hwy 104, and get off at L'Isle Madame exit. One of the things that makes Cape Breton Island, other than the scenery, is hills, hills and steeper hills. Hwy 104 is less steep that a county road such as the #4, but there is more and faster moving traffic. So we opted for Hwy 104 for 20 km or so and the rest we would do on the quieter but hilly Road #4. All those ups and downs are great training for Newfoundland.

We are 100 km away from the ferry in North Sydney and tonight we will have to sort out the plan to get us there. It is pretty hilly between here and the ferry so that will be a big factor in our decision, moreover we have to consider the departure times and the sail time of 8 hours. 

Tomorrow, you will find out what we decided.

My new tire is working out just fine. While it still hums a bit due to a somewhat aggressive thread pattern, it is much quieter than the tire I had on before. It still can't coast as well as Hélène on her bicycle, but that might have to do more with me that the tires.
75.75 miles - Total so far 1,333.09 miles


  1. Cool, un souper bien mérité...avec un si petit réchaud, j'imagine que le résultat comblera les deux cyclistes d'autant plus que la responsable à la cuisine a conservé son plus beau sourire.

  2. Hurrah for tail winds and mesmerizing scenery! Is Hélène's smile the result of the day's speedy ride made with the tail winds or the proximity of a tasty dinner?

    Yesterday's photos were especially nice. My favourite is the last one, your first glimpse of Cape Breton Island. The glorious flowering bush appears to be an azalea.