Thursday, June 8, 2017

Day 19 - Black River Bridge to Bouctouche

87.60 km - Total so far 1,483.40 km


Let me tell you it was quite the day Maggie Muggins! We had a restful night in our tree house but were shocked when we got up this morning. Through the screened window and door, we could see many voracious mosquitoes just waiting for us to step outside and bite. We felt like hostages and had to carefully plan our escape.

Lugging our panniers up and down the stairs in mosquito
country was a lot of fun

Not much to see on Hwy 11. We motivated ourselves by pedaling from
one moose sign to the other, having started at 75 km sign the day before.

After 30 kilometer on Hwy 11, we were able to pull off and take a well deserved break at Tim Horton's. This is where we ran into Zoel, a resident of Richibucto, who told us about the unusual shaped church and his yellow Mazda Miata. After that kind of local insight, we had no choice but to make it a stop on our travels. As we finished taking our pictures, Zoel just happen to be on his way home across the street from the church. Thanks for the tip Zoel.

The Catholic Church in Richibucto. Each arch has stained glass panels
Zoel's cool looking yellow Miata convertible 

In Richibucto, if you are gonna keep a boat in your dooryard,
it has to be a big boat

Daniel chatting with one of the locals in Richibucto and casually
mentioning that he had been speaking with Zoel (the gentleman apparently knows Zoel)

This big boat is either going to the wharf or to someone's dooryard

3 Mast Memorial Ship, Ruxton
After Richibucto and Rexton, we were on our way to Bouctouche. Bouctouche is famous for at least two things that come immediately to mind: the home of La Saguine and the birth place of K.C. Irving. For us, Bouctouche will always be fondly remembered as the place that helped us pack and ship home Hélène's trailer. From the kind folks at the local Ford dealership, Kent Motors, who looked through their recycle bins to find us a box big enough to fit the trailer and also the Postmistress, who worked the numbers to give us the dimensions needed to have our package accepted for shipping and delivery by Canada Post. By near closing, we had built a box small enough to hold the trailer, panniers and a few items no longer needed. 

Trimming our custom built box so that it meets
Canada Post dimensions 

The trailer boxed and ready to be handed over to Canada Post
10 minutes  before closing time.
At the grocery store, we ran into a lady who deals with many visitors that are here to spend time at the Pays de La Saguine. She got all excited when she found out that Hélène was a Franco-Ontarian and not a Quebecoise. 

Packing up the trailer took a significant amount of time and we decided to stay in Bouctouche and not complete the 20 kilometer to our planned stop for the day, Cocagne. When I phoned the local motel to make reservations and mentioned we were on bicycles, the clerk replied that she had seen us eating outside of Ponzi's, the best sea food joint in Bouctouche. It was nice for a minute to feel like a celebrity.

BTW - If you are looking for yummy guedille (lobster rolls) or scallops, Ponzi's is the place frequented by and recommended by a local I chatted with at the Mall. 

54.43 miles - Total so far 921.74 miles


  1. Sorry to hear it is not lobster you are sending home. J'espérais.

  2. Je me prépare mentalement à passer Rogers Pass , votre voyage me rapelle celui que j'ai fait ( sebs contraire ) de Moncton , a Cross Point en passant par Shediac , Miramichi, Bouctouche , et les autres .... c'était il y a 15 ans ,
    Quoiqu'il en soit , faites bonne route et bon vents , nous on l'avais de face .
    Andre Boily

  3. Belle boite......J'espère que le paquet va se rendre en un morceau!!!!

  4. I'll bet you knew there would be whining if no pictures of the tree-house were posted! Sorry to hear about the mosquitos.

    So what is it about your bike trips and how they coincide with the on-land movement of over-size loads? On the first leg of your trip it was trailers and construction equipment. On this trip it seems to be boats. Are you keeping any statistics on this? :)

  5. Vous me donnez la faim avec le homard. Belle boîte.

  6. Why did you get rid of the trailer?