Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Day 38 - Robinsons to Stephenville

65.00 km - Total so far 2,435.70 km 

RWGPS: https://ridewithgps.com/trips/15635056
Relive: https://www.relive.cc/view/g12544079794

We decided to make it a two day trip from Robinsons to Corner Brook. Destination for today is Stephenville, some distance  off the Trans Canada Highway but a nice change of pace. We took lots of pictures as once again we had lots to stare at in ha! 

We had intended to make it to a campground some seven km outside of Stephenville but we noticed campers on the waterfront. We inquired with some folks at McDonald's and they confirmed to us that you can camp there without any issues. The hardest thing will be to pound our tent pegs in, given that the campsite is at the end of an old US Air Force runway. The US Air Force operated Ernest Harmon Air Force Base in Stephenville from 1941 until 1966. Many Air Force buildings are still standing and are being used by the community.

We also learned while at McDonald's that we absolutely had to visit Bell Island, off the northern coast of Newfoundland. We got this from a gentleman who was born there. Another reason to come back to Newfoundland and have us a much longer visit.  

A popular fishing spot off the Trans Canada Highway. We are
sworn to secrecy as too the exact location 

Brand new towers for power lines. Might have something to
 do with Muskrat Falls hydro project

"Nothing but trees and mosquitoes as you ride across
Newfoundland!"  Who ever came up with that description has
 never  turned a pedal on Newfoundland soil

My first roadside find, a fairly new rubber bungee tie-down.
 It even has the tag on it 
If you ever wondered what it is like to cycle across Newfoundland, well it is like going over a gigantic washboard, covered with uneven ridges. Some ridges are small and others are much bigger. 
Follow the road and you can see the washboard, up and down
and up and down and  more up!

The wetlands near Stephenville Crossings

Wind blown trees with the perpetual bad hair day. All the trees
lean to the right away from vertical. 

This was one big ridge on the washboard. Worked up an
appetite on that one

Helene just coming over the top of the ridge. I got to pass her
as she stopped to take my picture above.

The plaque reads "F-102 Delta Dagger - Presented to the Town
of Stephenville by the United States Air Force to commemorate Ernest
Harmon Air Force Base and the friendship established with its personnel
 July 21st, 1990"
The first Newfoundland fishing boats we have seen

Hélène and the bicycles taking a pause

Hélène made supper right on the beach at St George's Bay

Golf bunker Newfoundland style

Home for the night - boondocking with some of the RVers

40.39 miles - Total so far 1,513.47 miles


  1. "Hélène made supper right on the beach at St George's Bay" - This sounds idyllic until one remembers how hard you worked to pedal to St. George's Bay.

    One wonders if your tent started to lean overnight due to the prevailing winds.

  2. Un beau voyage, de beaux souvenirs.... ici on se prépare pour PA

  3. Je ne connaissair pas le terme boondocking. J'ai appris quekque chose aujourd'hui