Sunday, June 4, 2017

Day 15 - Tide Head to Pointe-Verte

92.1 km - Total so far 1,041.30 km


We were looking forward to get on with the day and pedal the Acadian Coastal Drive from Tide Head to near Pointe-Verte. The map shows a number of little villages along the 95 or so kilometer and we were looking forward to visit them as we did on Le Chemin du Roy. Turns out that the villages are nothing more than a sign with a couple of houses and not much else. So today ended up being all about getting to the campground in Pointe-Verte.

After today, we will have to reconsider some of our planned routes now that we are no longer self sufficient with food. 

We have decided to terminate the Experiment after 12 days as we have gained the knowledge we were looking for. We will keep the other two days of food for emergencies. We will provide an update at a future date.

Hélène at work on the video summary of Week 2

Our cabin, circa 1938, in Tide Head

The church in Matapedia, QC as seen from Campbellton, NB

A public stage in the shape of a sailboat. Dalhousie used to be a
ship building town in the days of sail.

Gaspésie as seen from Charlo, NB

I have never seen this type of warning in a cemetery ever!

La fonderie Brunswick near Belledune, NB

With the orange hat and matching bag I am easy to find when
 I wander away on my own

That's all for tonight folks. We are leaving the campground community shelter before it starts raining again.

57.23 miles - Total so far 709.17 miles

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  1. I have fixed the Location of 'Camping Cedar Cove' on Google Maps - so it shows exactly where it is & added the website. The reason it was mis-located is probably because they use a PO Box for their mail, so it never got entered in correctly.