Sunday, June 11, 2017

Day 22 - Borden - Carleton to French River

63.0 km - Total so far 1,672.40 km 


We rolled out of the campground around 8:15 or so heading to Cavendish. We were really looking forward to the ride over rolling terrain with gentle climbs and long descents. It was a lot sunnier than predicted in the forecast. There was also a pretty good breeze. 

We made it to the outskirts of Summerside in an hour or so, helped along by a tail wind. We had decided to stop at the Tim Horton's drive up window in the gas station, when Helene spotted the retro looking dinner pictured below. It was an easy decision to skip Timmy's and head for the dinner.

Yours truly entering the newly opened dinner

Stepping back into the late 50' complete with juke box selection
at your booth and the black and white tiles.

We followed the Central Coastal Drive tour that took us off the main road onto many side roads. As we got to the top of the hill in Indian River, we stumbled onto Saint Mary's church. The exterior of this church is so much more ornate than that of all the other churches we had seen so far in PEI. Very impressive.
Saint Mary's church in Indian River

While an ocean view can be most spectacular, we were also treated with gorgeous inland views. The many colours of green mixed with the recently plowed fields of red soil with their perfectly aligned furrows made it look like a giant quilt. Look for that when you view Relive and the different coloured patches of land.  
A view, representative of the many, we took in on the
Central Coastal Drive

Check the smoke coming out of the stack. That gives you an
idea of the wind speed.
Our route went in all directions and by noon, we had experienced head wind, tail wind and cross winds from both left and right. The wind was strong but manageable and a lot of fun. By about 12:30, the wind had picked up considerably and turned "bad-ass". It was so strong that even as a cross-wind, it made it hazardous to try and pedal our bikes. After stopping for a rest a the Anne of Green Gables museum, we decided that it was no longer safe to pedal our bikes and started pushing them along the side of the road. After 3 kilometer, with the wind getting even stronger, we decided to stop as soon as we could find a place to stay. Never had we been stopped by the wind!

With a tail wind I was able to pedal up this gentle hill pulling
the trailer at 30 km/h with little effort
We stopped at the "The Pidgeon Coop" dinner to discuss our options. We had seen cabins for rent a little while back and we could spend the night there. Another option was to call CAA and get a lift to our destination for tomorrow, Charlottetown. As we never got a ride anywhere before, we discounted that option. The owner of the diner phoned the cabin owner a few times without success. She then offered us a place to put up our tent behind her dinner. This is our first 'semi-wild' overnight camping stop. 

Home (French River) of the best cheese burger so far in the Maritimes. 
Hélène was bowled over by her lobster burger platter. 

(left to right) Kendra, Cathy the owner and Hélène
The tent is up behind the diner and securely anchored with every rope and pegs we have. We have also brought in most of our luggage so that the tent doesn't blow away when we are away at the diner having supper.

After dinner walk down to French River Wharf

39.15 miles - Total so far 1,039.18 miles


  1. Merci pour ce récit, ma foi, très poétique. Vous nous faites voyager

  2. Crabes ou homards, comment résister...j'attends la prochaine publication

  3. Hélène and Dan - I was/am a fan of the author Lucy Maud Montgomery. It's great to read your blog and see that you've been to or through the places she wrote about in her novels.

  4. What a stunning church! and cool diner! Not to mention the generous people you meet along the way.